All about GlobeCore and its Products

GlobeCore Limited is a company that is responsible for manufacturing and developing different equipment that is used for industrial functions. These functions include turbine, drying and degassing of transformer, purification, reclamation and other oils. It also includes the reclamation of different varieties of mineral oils. The function of oil reclamation involves a set of new modern technology in the energy sector and the industry as a whole. 

The Quality Factor

The equipment developed by GlobeCore Limited meets all the international quality standards and all the equipment are also certified to prove that. The quality control of the company complies with the 9001:2001. You can check out all of the equipment available from GlobeCore Ltd by visiting their website and checking the product section on that website. You will also get all the information about the products accompanied by images and technical specs.

Multiple Functions and Benefits

They got a product that is designed for refining, drying and heating transformer oil from mechanical contaminations such as acids and water. This item also insulates the refurbishment of current and voltage oil-filled transformers, to insulate and dry power transformers and revive oil with using synthetic or natural adsorbents. It is also used to restore and refine all types of minerals and oils. 

It is also used to insulate oil heating, drying the systems used in filtrations besides being used to heat and nitrogenate the oil heating. Other applications include its usage to purify and dry transformer oil in majority and vacuum the filling of electrical equipment and transformers. As for the benefits of such product, it decreases the amount of oxygen and combustible. It also increases the service life of oil and lastly, it improves the dielectric values of oil.

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